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défaut/venosaHommage à Robert VENOSA (1936-2011)

If the most exciting art-making one can hope to encounter is an exploration
  of the furthest realities of the imagination, then Robert Venosa must surely rank among the luminaries of our era. His unique approach to Visionary art is nothing less than a fascinating scrutinization of the   mysterious realms of being. Venosa's imagery enfolds us with its magical power - truly a mythology for our times".

In his confrontations with the transpersonal, other-worldly offerings of the entheogens, Venosa discovered the magic and magicians of the Fantastic/Visionary world of art. Having Übermeisters Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs as mentors, while discussing art and decadence with Salvador Dali in his early career, Venosa was suffused with the energy and dynamics that transported him into the realm of the Fantastic, while providing him with the palette and paints with which to make it manifest.

Robert Venosa traveled the globe with his deeply loved partner and artistic accomplice of 30 years, Martina Hoffmann. Together they lectured about ‘Fantastic’ art and held painting workshops and seminars for over two decades. Venosa generously shared the techniques and experiences that entice and enchant one and all as to the magic and mysteries of the transcendent realms he inhabited...and painted.

Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa are now internationally recognized as
  outstanding masters of ‘Fantastic’ art, with their work being exhibited worldwide.

“The challenge, then as now, of affecting the consciousness with more
  eternal value cannot be denied, and so, combining the historical deep roots of European culture with the dynamic of America's youthful energy, an
attempt is constantly made".

As Dr. Albert Hofmann has said, "My wish for the coming age is that humanity
  becomes once again conscious of our spiritual union with the divine works of art - inspired creations by masters such as Robert Venosa."

Robert Venosa peacefully transcended on August 9, 2011.

As a human being he will be remembered for his courage and grace in life as
  well as during his long healing journey with cancer.

Venosa is sorely missed by all who knew him.